To do the Hanging Knees To Elbows, hang from the bar with your palms facing away. She loves training, building muscle, and being active in the great outdoors. Take a look at our Beginner to Pro Parallel Bar Workout Guide. The modularity of the parallel bar systems in the Plus Line allows the patient to be involved and motivated when ambulating, leaving the therapist more time to dedicate to observing and evaluating functional improvements during the exercise. Start at one end of the parallel bars, grasping each bar with a neutral grip. For now. Here are five exercises by Incite Fitness on parallel bars which will help strengthen your abs: 1. You will feel your abs working as you flex your waist and bend your hips slightly to raise your knees up to the top. This movement takes intense abdominal strength, and can be worked up to with tuck-holds or L-sits. Other Exercises To Use: There are plenty of other complementary exercises that you can use along with parallel bar abdominal knee raises. Achieving a flat stomach is an iconic goal of many exercisers. Difficulty Medium. This entry was posted in Beginner Level Fitness, News on April 25, 2017 by Nicola Joyce. Ab Exercises on Parallel Bars - Killer Tips For a Guaranteed Flat Stomach The best set of stomach workouts and exercise are sit-ups on parallel bars. Email. Use your abdominals to pull your legs up toward your chest. Aren’t all of us in fitness looking for that…. Farid Berlin 15,010 views. Hanging Knees To Elbows – This move can be done simply hanging from a bar or with an added pull up if you want to work on your back and pull ups while torturing your abs. Exercise Guides Muscles Targeted: The main muscle group targeted by parallel bar knee raises are the abdominals. //-->. Exercise ball abdominal pull ins are also great for your abs. By the way, the name Parallettes comes from the fact that the bars are parallel to … Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Copyright © 2020 ShapeFit, LLC. Professional sport/fitness writer, Weightlifter, S&C enthusiast. At this point look straight ahead, and contract your stomach muscles (just like when you do squats and deadlifts ). Hold the bars and lock your arms out. Make it easier: if a full L-sit is too challenging, start by doing a tuck hold, with your legs in a v-position and knees bent. eval(targ+".location='"+selObj.options[selObj.selectedIndex].value+"'"); Muscles Targeted: The main muscle group targeted by parallel bar knee raises are the abdominals. Knees to chest. All Rights Reserved | About Us | Contact Us. Whats people lookup in this blog: Parallel Bar Workout Pdf; Parallel Bar Exercises Pdf; Share. If you have shoulder pain or other shoulder problems, doing triceps dips on parallel bars or a Gravitron machine at the gym (where you can add weight for assistance to … See if you can master them all! He specializes in functional training, core training, three-dimensional movement, motivation and Restorative Arts. Your email address will never be sold or shared with anyone. View our extensive database of exercise guides for a comprehensive list of exercises that target the abs. Enhanced abdominal strength will enable you to maintain good posture, thus helping to minimize the risk of developing back pain later in life. Swinging your legs can prevent this goal from being achieved effectively. Be sure to squeeze your abs at the top of the movement for a one-count. You want to make sure that all of the workload of the exercise is targeting your lower abdominal muscles. Hold this position, breathing naturally, for up to 30 seconds. Leg Raises 2. Take hold of the bars and rock your weight forward onto your shoulders, with your legs hanging below you. Those tiny, U-shaped bars sitting in the corner of your gym have a name: parallette bars.You may have used them for a set or two of wrist-friendly pushups and thought to leave other movements for gymnasts and acrobats, but they’re worth tagging in more often to gain strength head to toe.And they’re not as difficult to master as they may seem. ShapeFit has thousands of pages of fitness content with fun and interactive tools to help our visitors lose body fat, build lean muscle and increase their energy levels. Build Your Abs with Parallettes and Parallel Bars. X’s 3.