My love of the spotty banana, unfortunately, conflicts with one of my other loves — banana bread. I also add almond butter for extra protein, and coconut sugar for lower glycemic index…just a few twists that don’t change the taste much if at all. I only had 2 very ripe bananas to use and this bread was not lacking for banana flavor. I’ve tried so many different recipes, to the point where I was losing all hope for THAT one recipe….this is IT!!!! Smitten Kitchen More information Less than a week after I delivered the ostensibly completed manuscript for that my second cookbook (just 40 days now! Thanks Deb! I wonder what could cause this? Game on! Must. Ginger and cardamon if I am feeling the spice train, or a dollop of molasses during gingerbread season. My boyfriend (transplanted to NY from Georgia) has this amazing southern tiramusu recipe with vanilla wafers, whipped cream, and bananas cooked in bourbon and brown sugar– I think your recipe is the bread version of that. You would never do that. This is my all-time, favorite banana bread recipe. Absolutely delicious and was gone in two days. And I have failed in so many banana bread recipes because of this. This recipe has never failed me, and seems to taste better every time. The 1st time it came out like a dream. I had the same problem – followed the recipe to a T, and used a 9×5 inch loaf pan. cloves? While they’re green, there’s no flavour (at least, not a yummy ripe banana flavour). I’m thinking either my oven isn’t quite accurate temperature wise, or that I need to add a squich more GF flour next time. Thank you for such lovely recipes. i did nothing by hand. I feel like cocoa powder is one of the worst things to measure by volume. Thank you Deb! Hope it baked up just fine. You posted this recipe in 2006 and people are still raving about it in 2015. This bread has a great rise and good browning. Amazingly moist and the taste was out of this world! One note is that I only had to bake mine for 30-35 minutes and it was completely cooked… I’m pretty sure I used the same size pan so not sure what happened but it’s good to check the baking time in between! However, as a backyard banana grower with a freezer full of little 3-4″ very ripe fruits, I wish recipes included either a weight or volume measure for the bananas! I made this on Wednesday night at midnight… those black bananas were staring me in the face. So tragic! no regrets. If it looks incredibly runny, try adding an extra Tb of flour. Just left it out completely. Also, the chocolate really overpowered it (not that I’m complaining ‘cuz who doesn’t love chocolate?). I live at about 7800 ft. and I always reduce the baking powder and/or soda in baking recipes by A LOT. I’ll let you know how it turned out. Me: Um, Deb says not tonight, sweetie. If you want to beat hunger without necessarily eating a whole bread, just have banana bread. I’m so sorry, Deb. love it!!! I love how you “one bowl” things ( blueberry muffins from your second book are the best). I think one of the best I’ve found has been one that is actually for a banana cake but I morphed into bread. Wowsers! Recently, however, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (join the club, eh?) Hmmm I made this last night with extra cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, and Scotch whisky instead of Bourbon – it smelt and tastes delicious but I think the whisky adds a slightly odd aftertaste that I can’t quite put my finger on and am not sure I’m a big fan of. And that one tablespoon of bourbon? I also used spiced rum for the bourbon (it’s the closest I ever have on hand), and I was out of brown sugar so I used 1/2 C of white sugar with 1/4 C of pure maple syrup. If you’re planning to make banana bread, definitely plan in advance because you need to have these overly ripened bananas to make good banana bread (but that’s banana bread basics, 101). I hope this helps. And also, though it goes without saying by now, mixed it with one hand. Easy and delicious. so amazing that I wrote about it in my blog. Otherwise, this looks just about perfect! Thanks for the recipe! it was gone before I got a second slice! Made exactly as written, baked for 55 min (toothpick came out clean at that time). But that’s user error, not the recipe. One time I was out of brown sugar so I used Trader Joe’s organic sugar with great results. It’s almost 3:00 AM now and the house smells like heaven. When my bananas get like this I like to freeze them! I have one question. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly mist a 9-by-5-inch metal loaf pan with nonstick cooking spray and dust well with all-purpose flour to cover the pan completely, tapping … I also cut the bourbon and cloves (didn’t have any). 3 hours later, the loaf is gone…. Reading your recipe and story is really hard. They make awesome cupcakes! I added the bourbon/date liquid and the cut dates with the vanilla and egg. I practically bowed to you last month when I was in pumpkin heaven/hell (could go either way depending on how you see it). Fabulous! P.S. Words like a charm & tastes great – try it! I’ve made this a couple times. I made this tonight, and of course it’s delicious! Take it easy on your shoulder, this is a keeper and i’m writing it in my recipe book as soon as i post this (now really long) comment. Is there a general rule to follow? In addition, I’m saving the second loaf for when my parents come for dinner on Sunday, and mom can’t eat nuts. gingerbread biscotti. Six full weeks?? I made this bread a few days ago and I will definitely make it again! But, er, we already expect that from lushes like me. The batter of this banana bread is amazing, it’s baking right now! And I had been so pleased with myself after the swirling. pecans I had leftover from something else. TIA! I always feel confident when I attempt your recipes and the end result always makes me feel like a pro (which I’m definitely not)! That to a side, though, thank you for a very tasty bake! next up is mango puree, still, of course, 1 cup chocolate chips. Made this two days ago and while it tasted great that day, this is one of those recipes that gets better and better with age – it was absolutely perfect for breakfast this morning. thank you! Can I swap some of the all purpose flour for pastry flour? I forgot to mix it in with the bananas! This is my go to BB recipe from now on. Made this yesterday and it is wondercul! You’re awesome!!! Tammi – Six weeks brings me to Friday December 22nd. Cool in pan for 10 minutes, then run a knife around the edge and invert it out onto a cooling rack. Banana bread is perfect fall/back-to-school food anyway, can we pretend I “meant” to do that? From the lick I just swiped off the rubber spatula, this is going to be GOOOOOD! Here I am, 14 years late to this recipe. This has been my FAVORITE banana bread recipe and I had it memorized. I didn’t have any Jack Daniels, so I used Jim Beam. sugar: used slightly over 1/2C sugar instead of 3/4C bourbon in french toast, whiskey in burgers, wine in stew, the delicious list goes on and on!) Alterations: I cut the bananas into a small saucepan and mashed them over med-low heat. Thank you Deb, your recipes are amazing! Added 1/3c chopped walnuts and 1/3c 60% cacao chips. They are ridiculously easy, and ridiculously yummy! Thanks for a great adaptation to a wonderful recipe. I baked in glass at 325F and it took 70-75 minutes for the center to set but the outside was very well-browned and delicious. The last year or so, my bread has suddenly always come out of the oven with a denseness at the bottom, about a half centimeter or so. Thank you! Any recommendations? It smells sooo amazing right now, it’s going to awesome to dig into these babies tomorrow morning!!! Next time (because there will definitely be a next time! Just made this and couldn’t wait for it to cool to try it, so I had a warm slice. Sign of a perfect recipe :). I have made it with coconut rum and it is so, so good. This recipe intrigued me so I made it. Also, I sprinkled some minced garlic into the dough before combining which further upped the garlic flavor. Thanks for the great recipe! Maggie – Best comment ever. 30 minutes for me, though if anyone is doing it for the first time, I’d be wary of telling them to not at least test starting at 20. I’ve now made dozens to Smitten Kitchen recipes, all with outstanding results. I also live at altitude (5800 feet above sea level) and found that increasing the oven temperature to 375 degrees allowed it to bake in 60 minutes and wasn’t dried out. All I can say is wow! cornbread waffles. ✨. I had been wanting to try some new banana bread recipes out, and right before I started one from some foreign website I figured I would scroll through the smitten kitchen banana section… I couldn’t be happier that I did. Also, I freeze my old bananas, but I assume thawed mushy bananas are ok here, right? Would post my photo if the site would allow. Thank you!!! Chinatown’s got 3 lbs of bananas for a buck! I use 3 mini pans for one recipe and bake for 45 minutes. Is bake time really 55-60 minutes? It was delicious!! Or is that a sin? The batter halves should be about the same consistency. Oops, I should have also mentioned that I used a whole stick of melted butter rather than the amount specified in the recipe. I have six weeks in a cast and deciding I wanted a treat, I went looking for banana bread! This is absolutely wonderful. Still love it – in cake or bun form it’s delicious. I wasn’t sure whether bananas are considered such compounds. It’s great with rum. About to try this recipe sans the bourbon, not because I want to though! I made the marbled banana bread but didn’t have cocoa powder so I sub it with Godiva dark hot cocoa powder instead. That was trader JOE’S!! but glad to have stumbled onto your site. Any solutions? I got halfway through the recipe (already divided the batter) and realized I forgot the bananas. I made it with half whole wheat flour, and drizzled a chocolate ganache over the top. Excellent recipe! S!uggest lining the bottom of the pan with wax paper – my loaf didn’t come out in one piece, despite waiting 10 minutes and using a knife on the edges. That particular batter was super thick and stiff. Thanks Deb! It was magnificent. I questioned the amount of flour in it because others I’ve read use 1.75 – 2.00 cups mostly, but I used the amount in the list. Does that change it to “Beam Me Up Banana Bread”? The circumstancsd for me were the same and all of the recipes here have been a success for me (a rare thing!). I made this today it smells delicious ,just out of the oven but it’s very flat has not risen,I used baking powder and plain flour .The recipe did not say to use self raising flour which is the norm for baking here in Europe .Can you comment please and if the case rectify the recipe……thanking you Susan. I love that its one bowl, stirs up quickly, and I can have the best banana bread in no time. But my baby granddaughter is allergic to eggs so I’m looking for quick breads that are easily made with a substitute. Just made this and it was awesome. I have making this also for a couple of years and my family now thinks I am a great baker, little do they know. A swirl of cream cheese works nicely with this combo. This is the most moist, flavorful banana bread I have ever tasted! Don’t have bourbon at home, so i’m going to see what alcoholic substitute is suitable! Recipes that use over-ripe and/ or frozen bananas become known as banana ‘witness relocation programs in our kitchen. Dear Deb, Thank you for the banana bread recipe I’ve been looking for It came out moist, flavorful and absolutely delicious! It’s easy, faster and comes out great. 159 / 2,000 cal left. That scary moment when you open SK to search for a banana bread recipe…only to find a brand new one Made this and froze it for a week. I love this recipe but I usually use local raw honey instead of brown suger, it is healther and makes it so moist and whole wheat flour instead of white. I highly recommend this recipe. Have another loaf in the freezer, we’ll see how long i can hold off! This is hands down my favorite banana bread recipe, and I’ve used it exclusively for the last several years. May try this recipe in the near future as I got some spotty bananas yesterday and plus, it’ll give me an excuse to buy Bourbon, lol. A total winner!! My husband immediately ate two large slices and I had one. My boyfriend couldn’t restrain himself and ate three muffins in a sitting. Rum instead of bourbon, browned the butter, used less sugar (heaping half cup) and added a half cup of chopped pecans to the final mix. The fact that I made it from ingredients I already had on hand was just a bonus. Superb. I normally add some cinnamon to mine, but really liked the flavor of the nutmeg and cloves.
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